Le Buidheachas Do


Phil Baarda


Language Advisors

Roddy Gorman – translation, poetry

Roddy Maclean – consultant and translation

Tristan Ap Rheinallt


Species Advisors

Colin Bean – Freshwater ecosystems

Matt Davey – High altitude algae

Chris de Feu –Slugs, snails and plants

David Genny – Fungi, lichens

Les Hatton - Bats

David Hill – Butterflies

Alan Knox – Birds

Iain MacDonald – Orchids

Craig McAdam – Odonata, invertebrates in general

Bob McGowan – Birds

Jim McIntosh- Plants

Phil Taylor- Marine life

Anthony Weatherhill - Birds

Alistair Whyte – Plantlife

Jonathan Willet – Dragonflies and Damselflies


Advisory Organisations

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland

British Trust for Ornithology, Scotland


Butterfly Conservation

National Museums of Scotland

National Biodiversity Network


Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)

Scottish Ornithologists Club

And Thanks To

Michael Bauer



BTO Birdfacts

Learn Gaelic

NatureScot list of Gaelic Names

Am Faclair Beag

A Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names. Jobling J. Oxford Univ Press1991

The Birds of Scotland. Forrester & Andrews et al. Scottish Ornithologists Club 2007

A Dictionary Of Word Roots And Combining Forms. Borrar J. Mayfield Publications Co. California 1988 for Ohio State University.


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